Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Many First Times

MVCC Visiting Professor Hoa Ngo stands by a sign with ducklings for Easter.

First time celebrating Easter
The first week I was in the States, I was surprised with many kinds of chocolate candies and things that are shaped like rabbits and eggs. I didn’t understand that people were preparing for Easter. In Vietnam, Easter is not very popular and it is not a holiday. However, I had a great chance to enjoy Easter. 
Hoa Ngo has her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
A week before the holiday, Carol Dinger took me to learn about palm weaving and egg decorating. I had my first American breakfast with her. The food was different, but it was worth trying. Then she took me to Chester’s – a flower shop, where I was able to take photos with the Easter Bunny. And the rest of the day was an extremely wonderful experience. I was instructed by a nice lady in how to decorate the eggs. Unfortunately, I am not very skilled at that, so it ended with a terribly-decorated egg. Then, I also tried the palm weaving. This time I succeeded in weaving a kind of flower (I was told that it was a rose, anyway!). Watching people make lambs with butter was the most enjoyable. 
On the week of Easter, Jennifer DeWeerth was so kind to take me out to church. I was introduced to people at the church, which I didn’t expect. It was very moving. They also talked to me after the service. I am really thankful for all. Then, she took me to her house and we enjoyed Easter dinner. Her husband was a good cook, and their children were so cute. One more thing I shouldn’t forget about the Easter celebration was that I got two Easter baskets! My sisters were so jealous of me. One single thank will not be enough for including me in such a special holiday.
First time watching a baseball game
I have been teaching students in Vietnam about sports for a long time. Theoretically, I know about soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, softball, etc. I recently learned that baseball and softball games are the same, except that baseball is for men and softball is for women. 
I had my first time watching a baseball game with Jennifer Krohn. The game is slower compared to soccer, and I was trying to understand the rules. Although it was chilly out and there weren’t many people there, it was really exciting. Now I can tell my students that I watched a baseball game in America. Now I understand why it is so important to have real experience. I will be surely more confident with my lesson about sports in the future.

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